Delightful Dentistry for Families in Irvine (kids and parents too)!

Dr. Mita Jethwani delivers upbeat dentistry for tots, teens, and all families in Irvine! As a mom herself, Dr. Mita knows that every kiddo (and adult!) is different. That’s why she firmly believes that the oral care experience should be customized to suit your little one’s unique needs. From space maintenance to frenectomies, Dr. Mita and the Trooth & Smiles team are on a mission to provide gentle, conservative care to set your child’s smile up for success. 

Inclusive Dentistry Irvine

As a family dental office we’ve learned a couple tricks in easing kids into their first dental visits.

1. Set them up for life - Children who have positive and regular interactions with their dentist are more likely to keep up with regular dental visits as adults.

2. Role Modeling is a powerful tool – kids who see their parents have pleasant dental experiences are more likely to be at east with the dentist

3. Make it a family outing! At Trooth & Smiles we love reserving blocks for the entire family. We routinely will block out an entire afternoon for a whole family. So one parent can entertain one child at one of the restaurants next door (Everyday Eatery is a popular destination), while we treat the other child and parent, and then they switch! Call us and see which afternoons are available soon (sorry, this feature isn’t available for online appointments yet!)

Special Needs Dentistry

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a type of fluoride varnish commonly used in pediatric dentistry to prevent cavities and reverse tooth decay in the early stages. This fluoride varnish contains antibacterial elements , which eliminates cavity-causing bacteria. 

It also contains fluoride, a vital mineral responsible for mineralizing the teeth to strengthen and protect them from acid attacks that lead to cavities. SDF also contains ammonia, which increases the effectiveness of the concentration. 

This is a vital tool in the pediatric dental toolbox for prevention and early detection. The process is non-invasive, painless, cost-effective, and very quick. It eliminates the need to use a dental drill to remove tooth decay and fill the inside of the tooth. This also eliminates the need to use a local anesthetic. 

After your child’s tooth is dried, we apply the liquid SDF varnish to the tooth and let it dry for about a minute. SDF is commonly used to treat pediatric cavities but is safe for use in all ages. A side effect of SDF is discoloration and darkening of the tooth. Reapplication is recommended within 6 months.

Let’s Get You and Your Kiddo Scheduled!

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