Inclusive Dentistry In Irvine, CA

During her UCLA Residency in Special Patient Care, Dr. Mita was trained to deliver care for every patient. She understands the body-mouth connection and is specifically trained to provide care for medically compromised and special needs patients.

Inclusive Dentistry Irvine

Care For All Patients

What Is Inclusive Dentistry?

Inclusive dentistry focuses on treating patients who have medical issues that make oral care more challenging. Dental health is important to your whole body health. Everyone deserves a health mouth, including people who have struggle with medical conditions.

Dr. Mita can provide safe, effective, and expert care for patients who may have complicated health circumstances. She has experience treating patients dealing with cancer, heart disease, and joint replacements, to name a few. We will work closely with your doctors and medical facilities to ensure you can get the care you need in a safe, judgment-free environment.

Special Needs Dentistry

Our UCLA-Trained Hospital Dentist

After her dental degree, Dr. Mita completed a residency in General Practice/Hospital Dentistry at UCLA. She is also currently enrolled at the Kois Institute, a prestigious postdoctoral training program. In addition, Dr. Mita serves on UCLA’s faculty; teaching hospital dentistry for medically compromised and special needs patients.

Inclusive Dentistry For Patients Of All Needs

With her unique training and approach to inclusive dental care in Irvine, Dr. Mita is always here to serve patients with complex medical needs.

Geriatric, ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder), and other Special Needs Patients

Dental Clearance And Aftercare For Heart Valve Replacement Patients

Dental Clearance For Heart/Organ Transplant, Joint Replacement Patients

Dental Clearance For Head/Neck Cancer Patients

Oral Care & Maintenance For Cancer Patients

Oral Care For Patients With Complex Medical Needs

Irvine Inclusive Dentistry

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If you or a loved one have complex medical needs that may complicate dental care, Trooth & Smiles is here for you. To learn more about inclusive dentistry and hospital dentistry, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mita today.